Rapture 18.0

It is a synthesizer capable of producing rhythmic basses, leads and pads
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Rapture Demo 1.0 is software that acts as a virtual synthesizer for producing rich, hypnotic and rhythmic basses, pads and leads.
The software is bundled with a Wavetable synthesizer which includes advanced sound manipulation capabilities. It has a non-aliasing re-sampling engine technology which helps in getting a pristine sound quality. The software also features over 500 professionally crafted sound programs. It has six fully-programmable stereo sound-generating elements along with DSP stage of two 16-mode filters per oscillator with LoFi and Drive section. The application also includes a six-part sound engine featuring powerful, multi-mode Wavetable oscillators. It also has a high resolution anti-aliasing SFZ-based engine which helps the voice to be pure and vibrant.

The software also features a graphical step sequencing of sound guidelines which provides a modern extension to traditional envelopes and LFOs, allowing the user to creative control of Pitch, Filters Amplitude and other parameters. The advanced modulation capabilities include over 40 Step Generators per patch which helps in providing an intuitive interface for generating rhythmic sequences.

The user could use this software to produce rhythmic basses, leads and pads. It helps in performing as well as designing modern synthesized sounds which can be matched to the latest music trend.

Luis Sanchez
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